What is the Role of Tiles in making your kitchen more charming?

Everyone has a desire to make their house a perfect place to live whereas; tiles have a huge impact on how your house looks like. On the whole, the kitchen is a significant part of your home and no one wants to enter a kitchen with rotten tiles and dirty floorings.

Simply upgrading or installing the tiles bring a positive aura into your living spaces and makes you realize how flooring puts an impression of the entire house on others. When it comes to choosing tiles for your abode it is important to activate your imagination. Marrakech, Tessellated, penny round, subway, tumble, Turkish, mosaic, granite, slate, travertine, sandstone, porcelain, marble, mirror, and the list is never-ending to choose from.

In today’s time, a plethora of options is available in the market with so many design possibilities, especially for kitchen tiles. They’re completely unconventional in terms of style as modern tiles embrace parroting textures and can purely resemble wood, fabric, glass, leather, and paper, and now they are even available in 3D shapes.

Undoubtedly, tiles look great in all the ways and also prove to be a very cost-effective way to decorate your home, especially in the kitchen where lots of heavy goods are kept within high-traffic and moisture-rich atmosphere.


Modern and elegant tile designs can look like artworks, even floor carpets, and area rugs. Nowadays tiles are becoming as decorative as wallpaper, and one can’t seem to get enough of the color palettes, texture, pattern, and scale opportunity.


The most common of all tile patterns is probably the straight lay one as it’s clean, simple, and modern, and lets the tiles do the talking while keeping everything else on a silent mode.

Another great pattern for hiding imperfections are mosaics and penny rounds or brick pattern that makes the home looks more beautiful than anything else.

Another most significant tile pattern is diagonal lay where tiles are set on a 45-degree angle, helps to make space feel larger, as well as adding interest to an otherwise neutral scheme.

Lastly, the tile pattern to look forward to is the herringbone pattern that looks both modern and aesthetic, like a beautiful parquetry floor.


Grout helps to control the performance and durability of tiles and plays a major role in day-to-day maintenance and the overall longevity of your tile. Grout simply locks tiles tight as they are water-resistant and attaching the tiles prevents the edges from chipping and cracking.

The following are the approaches when it comes to choosing a grout color.

Matching Grout

Matching the tile color to the grout color makes the grout lines less prominent and therefore the tile itself gets accentuated. This is the best possible option if you have extravagant beautiful tiles with a basic layout.

Contrasting Grout

Contrasting grout color and tile color will highlight both the pattern and layout of the tiles, rather than the tile itself. Grout divides and frames tiles, and can emphasize the individual shapes or patterns of tiles. While installing the tiles, grout needs to be considered in a better way so it makes your tile and your kitchen look flawless.

The right choice of tiles can even make small kitchens look bigger, so it is important to look for something that complements your furniture & fixture and the theme of your entire house.