Some tips that will help you to decorate your home with Floor Tiles

House interiors and exteriors can be changed by choosing the right type of flooring, ceiling, and wall shades. If you would like to give a facelift to your home with floor tiles, you can go through experts’ advice. You can choose the perfect tiles to make the living space wide and spacious. In addition to tiles, you should also address other elements of your house to bring the best ambiance. Skillful play with various colors will help you in making the most of the space.

Choose airy colors – If you choose light colors like cream or ivory, you can create an illusion such that the small place will appear large. On the other hand, dark-colored tiles will make your rooms further smaller.

Wooden planks – By placing wooden planks parallel to the room’s length, you can get a look of a large-sized room.          

Gloss finish – By adding gloss finish to tiles, the reflection of light from tiles can be amplified. You will not only get a vibrant look but also feel better to occupy the room.

Matching colors – The floor tile color should match with the furniture and other accessories installed at home. The size of the furniture should be in proportion to the room dimensions. If you can match the size of the furniture and color of the furniture with the floor tiles, you can get a vibrant look.

Contrasting colors – If you can choose tile color contrast to the furniture color, you can augment the floor’s look. However, the contrast should not be too drastic as it can deliver a negative look. As far as possible, you are advised to avoid dark hues.

Type of tiles – The selection of floor tiles can be made as per the size of the room, color combinations, and budget. You can order various types of floor tiles, including ceramic tiles, cement/concrete tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles, terracotta tiles, natural stone tiles, and quarry tiles and bathroom tiles.

Large tiles – You can pick large tiles for living rooms. For guest rooms and bedrooms, small tiles are enough. You can choose ivory and grey color tiles as they will deliver the optimum look.

Bright shades – Tiles with bright shade can be selected to install on bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are not advisable for flooring. You can go for granite or sandstone tiles as they can withstand massive abuse. The bathroom tiles are made to resist slip. You should check the grip proportion before the installation of tiles.

Non-skid tiles – It is important to install the non-skid type of tiles in slippery areas such as the kitchen and washrooms. The preferred colors are gold and brown. The scratches will not be visible in dark colors.

Dark colors – You should choose floor tiles of dark colors in high traffic areas. The dirt and dust accumulated at various places can be removed easily on these tiles.

Living room tiles – For living room decoration, you can choose tiles made of ceramic or derived from nature. Some designers prefer terracotta or porcelain as the preferred choice. By installing textured marble in large livings rooms, you can bring a spacious look.


The selection of tiles can be made as per your budget and the overall theme of the house. Designer houses focus on various aspects, including furniture, accessories, lighting system, length & breadth of the room, and other parameters. If you would like to install the best floor tiles, you can share your concerns with the interior designer. The designer will help you choose the right type of tiles so that the aesthetics will get a facelift.