5 things you should always remember while choosing flooring tiles

Flooring tiles serve the needs of functionality and aesthetics. If you are buying tiles for your home or office, you should consider certain factors that make your selection easy. Based on your home’s theme, you can choose colors, patterns, and sizes to get a harmonious look all over the home. The following tips will help you in choosing the right kind of flooring tiles:

There are modern and trendy flooring tiles that are durable as well. By installing a new set of flooring tiles, you can bring new life to your old flooring. If you are buying tiles for your new home, you can consider the tiles as per the lighting system and color and theme of the furniture. Wall tiles serve the decorative purpose more than the flooring tiles. For bathroom flooring, you can consider anti-skid tiles as they offer additional grip to prevent falls. Tiles that come with matt finish are useful for installation in the kitchen and bathroom.

Some of the common varieties of tiles are ceramic, mosaic, vitrified, cement, and glass. Vitrified tiles are durable, and they are used for household purposes widely. You can obtain vitrified tiles in multiple designs, sizes, and shapes. The tiles have wear and water-resistant properties. The stain resistance and ability to prevent the chipping effect make vitrified or ceramic tiles the first choice. They can be installed in high traffic areas without any issues.

The size of the tile will leave an impact on the appearance of the space. Glazed vitrified tiles can be installed for flooring as they are available in various sizes. By choosing big-sized tiles, you can create an illusion that your bedroom or living room is huge. The floor area will be bright when you choose large size tiles.

The selection of color is crucial as it will enhance your interiors and exteriors’ look and feel. If you would like to create a spacious look, you should choose light color tiles. Cream color tiles can be installed in small rooms to get a feeling of a large space. If you go for dark-colored tiles in small spaces, the area appears much narrower. If you have a large kitchen floor space, you can choose chocolate brown color tiles.

Flooring tiles are made with diverse finishes to meet the needs of customers. You can choose the finish as per the overall theme of your house. Interior designers will help you in choosing the right kind of tiles as per your needs. Some of the popular finishes are metallic, rustic, wooden, matt, polished, and carving.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Apart from the things discussed above, it would help if you also looked into the cleaning and maintaining tiles before placing your order. In areas where heavy traffic is present, you should consider tiles that can be maintained very easily. You should be able to swipe tiles quickly, and there should not be a distortion of the look and feel of the flooring.

Other factors of concern

The other factors that you should look into before purchasing flooring tiles are room size, grout, texture & pattern, and natural light. To get airy look, you can choose large tiles for small rooms. The light color will also create an illusion of a big room. From light to dark tiles, there are many options for large rooms. The grout colors will emphasis the design prominently. Hence, you can choose a contrasting color to make the most of the design. A glazed tile has easy maintenance prospects whereas a terracotta tile needs a sealing. If you have gloss on the tile, the natural light will reflect more light.