4 questions you should always ask before finding a reliable Floor Tiles Dealer

You should pick the right kind of tiles while installing tiles for the first time in your newly constructed home or office. If you are going for renovation, you should also check the following factors to make the most of the time, effort, and money.

  1. What type of tiles should I choose?  

There are various kinds of tiles. You should choose tiles based on functionality, price, durability, slip resistance, and maintenance. The most common are ceramic and porcelain. You can order these tiles from any online stores easily. If there is heavy traffic on the floor, you can go for porcelain tiles as they are strong. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are cost-effective. They are available in various designs, including gloss, matte and glazed. The selection of the tile is also based on the design of your home. Based on the furniture, you can order the right tiles with the right hue.

If you are installing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, they should have unique characteristics. The kitchen should have stain-resistant property, and the bathroom tiles should have the slip-resistant property. Tiles are made with the highest finish to offer slip-resistance. You can install slip-resistant tiles in the patio, kitchen, and bathroom without any issues. The wet conditions can be overcome with slip-resistant tiles. Glossy tiles should be avoided in bathrooms and kitchens. The aesthetics should get backseat when you should focus on functionality. The safety should get the priority in the installation of tiles where wet conditions prevail.

You would like to look into the durability while investing in tiles. Installation of beautiful tiles will not only increase the ambiance and make the flooring attractive, but you should be able to retain them for a long period. Hence, you should consider the durability aspect of tiles before ordering the tiles. If you choose the most appropriate tiles as per the functionality, they will last for a lifetime. You can take the advice of professionals who will help in installing the right tiles in the right place.

Some tiles require regular sealing to enhance their life. For installing tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, you should look into the water-resistant properties. If the tiles fail to withstand water, the color and appearance of the tiles will change. You may want to replace them earlier. If you install ceramic tiles in bathrooms, they will be damaged very easily.

Other aspects 

Before installing the tiles on the floor, you should address the foundation issues. If the foundation shifts, the tiles will also shift. The breakage of the floor will lead to the breakage of the tiles. If you install vinyl or laminate laminates, the foundation movement can be handled efficiently.

If you spread a single tile over the entire surface, you will get a spacious look. You can add two or more different tiles to deliver a special look. You can choose different borders or two complementary tiles to get a new style. The installation of tiles can be done after completing the painting work in a new building.

The tile strength is based on its ability to resist the water. If you choose water-absorbing tiles, they will decay quickly. As you should be able to maintain tiles with little maintenance, you should study the different types of tiles and choose the best tiles as per the application.


Before buying the floor and wall tiles, you can consult the expert to get the best advice. The online tile store provides assistance in this direction, and you will be able to settle for the best.